Issue 4 – May 2011

The African Policy of France under Nicolas Sarkozy

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This fourth issue of Dynamiques Internationales offers first insight on the African policy of France under Nicolas Sarkozy. It highlights breaks and continuities of French strategy and practice in Africa especially as they relate to the Francophone area.

This issue was coedited by Amandine Gnanguênon, Research Officer at Institut de recherche stratégique de l’Ecole militaire (IRSEM).

Introduction: What will France’s African policy be under Nicolas Sarkozy?

Amandine Gnanguenon, Research Officer, IRSEM


Nicolas Sarkozy’s African Policy in the context of Franco-Chadian Relations

Jean-Marie Chasles, Associate Researcher, Centre Thucydide


Djibouti and Abu Dhabi: Rupture or Continuity in the national security strategy?

Patrick Ferras, Ph.D. Candidate, Université Paris-8


France’s policy towards Africa within the Security Council from 2007 to 2010: a real multilateral turn?

Hélène Gandois, Research Fellow, Staten Island College, City University of New York


President Sarkozy and Franco-Cameroonian Relations

Larissa Kojoué-Kamga, Ph.D. Candidate, CEAN, IEP de Bordeaux


A look at Nicolas Sarkozy’s African policy in the French “backyard”

Sonia Le Gouriellec, Ph.D Candidate, Université Paris-Descartes


France-Afrique : from Ancients to Moderns

Interview with Yves Gounin, Conseiller d’Etat, former Legal Advisor to the President of the Republic of Senegal


Critical book review

Francis Arsène Fogue Kuaté, University of Ngaoundere reviews Jean-Pierre Chrétien’s L’afrique de Sarkozy : un déni d’histoire, Paris, Karthala, 2008, 204p.